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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of Astrology and Vedic science experts with experience of up-to 30 years.
jitendra ji
Dr. Jitendra Gautam
Vedic Astrologer & Consultant

Experience – 10+ years

He predicts according to your present and past live to make the future better.

Pt. Ghanshyam Sharma
Vedic Rituals Specialist

Experience – 30+ Years

You can contact him regarding anushthan, shubh muhurat, puja, path, jap & other Vedic rituals.

pavan ji
Pt. Pavan Kumar Sharma
Vedic Pandit & Consultant

Experience – 30+ years

The remedies he provides are very easy and effective and are proven to be accurate most of the time.

kunj bihari ji

Experience – 8+ Years

He has an in-depth knowledge in Vedic karm-kaand & havens. Pandit ji is an expert of Vedic rituals.

Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 5+ years.

He provides solutions completely based on your birth chart.

Acharya Rohit Kumar Sharma
Vedic Astrologer & Prashana

Experience – 3+ years

Siddhant Astrology Specialist. He works according to astrology ethics and respects them with his core understanding.

Pt. Ratan Sharma
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 20+ years

He believes in keeping things simple and guiding people in a simple way.

Acharya Girish Dadhich
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 3+ years

He has opinion that, ‘Astrology should be used to get more directions than predictions’.

Acharya Abhishek Mishra
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 10+ Years

Acharya ji’s experience and simple diction are the keys to the trust of their customers

Experience – 19+ Years

you can contact him about Kundli study, Vastu defect prevention, Kaal Sarp Dosh, Vedic rituals etc.

Acharya Pawan ji Pathak
Vedic story reader

Experience – 12+ years

You can contact himregarding, to get Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Shri Ram Katha, Shiv Purana etc. done in your residence, village, state.

Pt. Gajendra Upadhyay
Vedic Pandit

Experience – 7+ years

You can contact him about marriage ceremonies, funeral rites, worship, recitation, rituals, purification and astrology in question: horoscope, lagna kundli, birth chart etc.

Acharya Hemant Kumar Vyas
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 19+ Years

Apart from Vedic astrology consultation, his main expertise is astrological rituals, Anushthan, Vastu, etc.


Experience – 6+ years

You can contact Acharya ji about the destroyer, result, muhurta and principle etc.

Acharya Govind Narayan Dixit
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 9+ years

You can contact him regarding marriage, love marriage, business, career, shubh-muhurat, judicial matters etc.

Acharya Harish Gautam
Vedic Astrologer

Experience – 6+ years

Apart from Vedic astrology, you can contact Acharya ji about Vedic rituals, business, career, auspicious time etc.

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