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What and How about Grah Pravesh

Grah Pravesh →

Grah pravesh and Grah aarambh are two different subjects. When construction of a house starts it is termed as Grah aarambh. On the other hand, after the house is built and fabricated, ceremonies mapped to the event when we enter to live in a house is called Grah Pravesh. The process includes digging the foundation during the auspicious time, the foundation is excavated and established after worshipping the 5 shila(stones). Hence the Grah aarambh is also called Neev-sthapana, Shila-poojan or Neev-poojan. Once duly enters the residence at an auspicious time, concludes the Grah Pravesh.

Method of Grah Pravesh →

The process of Grah pravesh is completed as per the rituals. Ganesha, gauri, kul devi, kul devta, navagraha, panch lokpal, dikpal and the invocation of vastu devta and all the deities worshiped by panchopchar or shodashopachaar. After vastu deities, rituals and havans are performed for the peace of various architectural defects. Fire in the kitchen and the water urns are established. Grahapati (landlord) then enters the house with the landlady carrying panchamrit pot in her hand, accompanied by vedic chants and mangal geet.

To atone for the destruction of organisms during the process of building the house. All the deities are immersed and the idol of ganesha is Prestigised (pratishthit) as “dwar ganapati”. By taking pledge to donate food, straw, fodder etc, Kanya bhojan and Brahmin bhojan is fulfilled.

Shubh Muhurta of Grah Pravesh →

Grah pravesh is an auspicious work, it is like a festival in the life of a person, so Grah pravesh should be done only in auspicious time. For grah pravesh, auspicious date, day, time & stable lagna are required. According to the texts of muhurta shastra, the following time (vela) is considered auspicious for entering the house.

Months for Grah Pravesh →

The jyeshtha, vaisha, magh, falgun, kartik, margashirsha.

Tithi for Grah Pravesh →

Pratipada, dwitiya, tritiya, panchami, saptami, dashami, ekadashi, triodashi.

Day for Grah Pravesh →

Monday, wednesday, thursday, friday

Nakshatras for Grah Pravesh →

Uttaraphalguni, uttarashada, uttarabhadrapada, rohini, mrigashira, chitra, revati, dhanishta, shatabhisha, pushya, ashwini and hasta are auspicious.

In this way, after seeing the auspicious month, nakshatra, date and day, In the Abhijit Muhurta or considering the landlord horoscope’s chandra shuddhi the auspicious time is decided.

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