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What and how about Vastu

"वसति अस्मिन् इति वास्तु" means Habitable land is known as Vastu. A deity is conceived in each habitable plot and that deity is revered in the scriptures by the name of "Vastu Purush". Just as the presiding deity of water is Varuna, the presiding deity of rain is Indra, the presiding deity of fire is Agni, the presiding deity of time is Yama, similarly the presiding deity of a building or house is known as Vastu Devta or Vastu Purush.

In fact, the physical body of the building is made of istika (brick), stone, dead powder but the spiritual body is Vastu Purush. Along with the external body (brick, stone, lime) in the house, the internal body (Vastu Purush) is also worshiped and pratishtha. The outer body is decorated with paint, in the same way the inner body is satisfied by Vastu pujan. In the absence of fulfillment and satisfaction of Vastu Purush, one starts to suffer from spiritual sorrows. Therefore, in the newly constructed building, there is a law for the Prestige and worship of Vastu Purush.

Pratishtha of Vastu Purush

After the selection of habitable land, the Vastu Purush should be imagined before the start of construction in it. The Vastu Purush is sleeping with his head in the middle of n.e. & east and the feet between the s.w. & west. Many marmsthalas (delicate parts) of this Vastu Purush are considered, and planting of pits, pillars, nails etc. should not be done at those marm places, otherwise the grah pati (owner of the house) should also have pain in those parts. Therefore, the marma place should not suffer.

In this regard, Acharya Varahamihira says –

सम्पाता वंशानां मध्यानि समानि यानि च पदानाम् ।
मर्माणि तानि विन्द्यान्न तानि परिपीडयेत् प्राज्ञः ॥

If there is an unholy vessel (impure bhand) or object, nail, needle, pillar, stone and weapon in the marma place, then the owner of the house suffers in that part.

As -
तान्यशुचिभाण्डकीलस्तम्भाद्यैः पीडितानि शल्यैश्च ।
गृहभर्तुस्तुत्तुल्ये पीड़ामङ्गे प्रयच्छन्ति ॥

Direction of the Rooms in the Building

Vayavya North Ishaan
Guest Room Water System Worship Room
West Study Room Brahma Location Door East
Toilet Bedroom Kitchen
Neriti South Igneous

Knowledge of Marma Sthan

In the land in which the house is to be constructed, the marma places should be known. Don’t do Any construction work (nail, pillar etc.) to those marma place. To know the marma place, make 81 posts (sections) of the plot. Do the exact configuration of the 6 sutras envisioned in Vastu Shastra. The meeting of these 6 sutras takes place at 9 places, these meeting points are called the “Atimarm”. Establishment of impure objects, vessels, nails, pillars etc. at these marm places also causes pain to the Vastu Purush in the same part of the landlord.

According to classical evidence –

रोगाद्वायुं पितृतो हुताशनं शोषसूत्रमपि वितथात् ।
मुख्याद्भृशं जयन्ताच्च भृङ्गमदितेश्च सुग्रीवम् ॥
तत्सम्पाता नव ये तान्यतिमर्माणि सम्प्रदिष्टानि ॥

Vastu errors or unnecessary construction work generates negative energy which is known as "Vastu Dosha" in Vastu Shastra. From the implantation of different plants in Vastu Shastra, Avoidance of Vastu defects has also been reported. The Ashoka tree, and Tulsi plant are supposed to reduce various Vastu defects. Similarly, some trees are also considered inauspicious in the house.

अश्वगन्धश्च कन्दश्च कदली बीजपूरक: ।
गृहे यस्य प्ररोहन्ती स गृही न प्ररोहति ॥

That is, trees like Ashwagandha, Kandi, Banana, Lemon etc. stop the growth of the householder. Many other types of thorny trees are also not considered favorable for Vastu Shastra in the house.

Devasthan Vastu →

Just as Vastu is considered for the construction of a house, in the same way It is necessary to consider the Vastu Shastra in construction of a temple. Marma sthana are also considered in temple construction. The topics related to the facts like parikraman marg, garbha grah, necessity of garden in the temple etc. are covered in the texts of temple Vastu Shastra.

Conclusion →

Conclusion → Every human being needs a habitable house. Every person also does the creation of the house; Therefore, a person should build a house according to Vastu Shastra, considering auspicious and inauspicious. The classical method for building house from land selection & house entry are described in the texts. Due to which life can be made happy while staying in a fully vastu shastra-compliant house, avoiding defects of Vastu.

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