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  • Tarush Astrology, a group of highly skilled professionals in Jyotish Vigyan (Doctorate) and Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivering Predictions with precision
  • We are trying to help people with vedic astrology (Jyotish Vigyan)
  • Disclaimer First: we are not there to eliminate the problems in people’s life
  • We are there to help people by predictive analysis and ancient solutions to make the impact lesser
  • True believers of The three progression of wealth:
    • Donate (दान)
    • Delight (भोग)
    • Decay (नाश)

What Is 

Astrology, horoscopes,
numerology & more…

  • Discovering your personality
  • Detecting possible daily troubles
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Making predictions for the future

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