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What and How About Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh, arise from anomy (perversion) of Pujya and A-pujya. If the sacred is not respected humbly, naturally he is sure to get angry. Similarly, when we do not offer Jalanjali and tarpan to our ancestors with reverence, it is natural for them to get angry. Ancestors being angry and enraged in this way results as Pitra dosh. According to religious texts, Shradh and tarpan of ancestors is necessary during Pitru Paksha. In the absence of tarpan, ancestors start drinking blood.

As - "अतर्पिताश्च पितरः रुधिरं पिबन्ति "

Pitramaan (pitradivas)

The new age period (Nav-Vidh Kaalmaan) has been discussed in the texts of Siddhant jyotish. Solar, moon, Sawan, Gaurav, Nakshatra, Dev, Pitru, prajaapaaly, Brahma. From sunrise to next rise, it is called a solar day. Thus, in 30 days there is a pitru’s day. On the Saptami of Krishna Paksha, the Pitra’s din-arambha (day begins) & the noon begins on Amavasya. For ancestors evening is on the saptami of shukla paksha and midnight on poornima (full moon).

Pitru's midday is on Amavasya. Hence, all the rituals, tarpan, worship, recitation, etc. related to ancestors are done on Amavasya only.

Classical Remedies of Pitra dosh Prevention

The ancestors should be offered incense and tarpan on the day of Amavasya. For special peace, there is a legislation of chanting the original text of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Shradh Vidhi should be done on the day of Ishta Tithi in Shradh Paksha. In case of disturbance related to Pitra dosh, "Gaya Shradh” should be performed. Gaya Shradh has mythological significance. After going to Gaya, there is no need to perform shradh again.

In this way, keeping reverence for ancestors, a person must do PitraPuja on Amavasya.

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