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Vedic Astrologer
Address: Diggi (Malpura), Rajasthan
Brief info

Acharya Harish Gautam is a Vedic astrologer. He is from Diggi Tehsil Malpura, District Tonk, Rajasthan.

He completed his studies of "Kanishtha Upadhyay and Varishta Upadhyay" from Jagadguru Nimbarkacharyapeeth Shree, Salemabad, Shastri from "Central Sanskrit University, Jaipur" and Acharya and Shiksha Shastri from "Jagadguru Ramanand Acharya Rajasthan Sanskrit University".

He got the divine presence of his grandfather and Guru Shree "Shriji Maharaj". With his blessings and God's grace, he determined his path in the subject of astrology.

He started taking the knowledge of astrology from his Guru ji at a very young age.

For more than 6 years, he is serving the society with his astrological knowledge.

Acharya ji's family is also traditionally the priest of "Shri Kalyan Mandir, Diggi".

Acharya ji has studied Shukla Yajurveda and he is trying to make the lifestyle of people easy and simple through astrology.

Apart from Vedic astrology, you can contact Acharya ji about Vedic rituals, business, career, auspicious time etc.