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What and How, about Horoscope Creation

Just as the snake is tied in a circular shape, similarly in the same way Kundali is also made long and wrapped in a circular shape, that’s why it is called Kundali. Mainly, a circle of twelve Kosthak is remains in it and the same planetary position is marked at the time of birth of the person, as it remains in the Aakash Mandal at that time. It should be understood that the position of the planets and constellations in the sky at the time of birth of the person is the shadow of the same in the birth chart. There are 12 zodiac signs so a sign is of 30.

Kundali Creation

For the creation of the birth chart, it is necessary to have the knowledge of birth-time, birth place, birth date & year and the Panchang of that place. The happiness and sorrow of life is extracted from the position of the planets and constellations at the time of the birth of a person by the creation of the birth chart.

Stages of Kundali Formation –

1. Ishtakal – The time from sunrise to the birth of time. That is called Ishtakal.
2. Bhayat (bhabhog ka sadhan) – The day of birth, which constellation on that day.

Horoscope Formation

Shadavedaang’s eye form astrology is at the peak of popularity today. In order to maintain ourself in the race of materialism and modernity, the human being is more concerned about his/her(their) future. In the sense of growing insecurity about the future, it has Oriented to astrology.

Astrology is related to astronomy. A supporter of the identification of humans with celestial bodies, Astrology describes the subtle and gross effects of these bodies on human beings. Basic planets of astrology, Nakshatra, Rashi, Yoga, etc. Rendering the form of and their position in the sky A description of the date and nature of the date has also been given.

Under the method of making birth chart, isht sadhan lagna spasht, grah- spasht, bhaav- spasht, vinshottaree mahaadasha, antardasha saadhan, pratyantar dasha and sukshma pratyantar dasha is done.
"तिथिर्वासिर नहात्रे योग: करणमेव च इति पञ्चामाख्यातं व्रतपर्व निदर्शकम।"
i.e., vaar, tithi, yoga, karan and nakshtra there are five parts of panchang. First of all, the local time must be known for the creation of a horoscope. Ishtkal is constructed on the basis of local time.

Lagna is clarified on the basis of Ishtkaal. The zodiac which emerges on the eastern horizon at a particular time will be the Ascendant of that particular place at that particular time. Here both time and place are important.

To determine the lagna of a birth chart know about below points -

1. Birth time

2. Place of Birth

3. It is necessary to know the date of birth


Generally, in order to know the position of the planets in the Ascendant and in the zodiac for the birth, the morning position of the planets of that day is established in the Panchang, But in order to know exactly what is the position of the planets at the time of birth, it is necessary to do grah spasht

Vinshottari Dasha Antardasha Sadhan

In astrology, Vimshotari, Ashtotri, Yogini and Char dasha are mainly used for the resulting. But in the Dasha systems, special importance is given to Vishottari Dasha.

नवग्राणां दुशावर्ष प्रमाणम् रसा: आशा: शैला वसुविधूमिता भूपतिमिता, नवेला: शैलेला नगपरि मिता विंशतिमिताः ।। रवाविन्दावारे तमसि च गुरौ भानुतनये बुधे केतौ शुक्रे क्रमश: उदिता: पाकशरदः ।।

The calculation of vimshottari is done on the basis of the constellation of the moon at the time of birth. Sun (6), Moon (10), Mars (7), Mercury (17), Jupiter (16), Venus (20), Saturn (19), Rahu (18), Ketu (7 ) year is fixed.

Human’s life is illuminated in such a way through the birth chart, which makes his entire biography clear.

यस्य नास्ति खलु जन्मपत्रिका, या शुभाशुभ फलदायिनी ।

अन्धकं भवति तस्य जीवनं दीपहीन इव मन्दिरं निशि ॥

"yasy maastri khalu janmapatrika, ya shubhaashubh phaladaayinee. andhakan bhavati tasy jeevan deep heen iv mandiran nishi.

For information about all the auspicious and inauspicious events that happen in human life, it is essential for us to have a birth chart or horoscope.

In birth chart, in what sense is the idea given

First house – Lagna is also known as Tanu Bhava. With this, body, color, sign, age, stature, happiness, sorrow, modesty, condition, caste, health, head, Pitamahi (Grandmother), Matamaha (Nana) are considered.

Second house - It is also called money house. With this, the idea of gold metal, buying and selling of material, gem fund, wealth collection, family right eye, throat, mouth, food, truth, friend, clothes are considered.

Third house - The third house in the horoscope is also called Sahaj. With this, courage, brothers and sisters, path, loss of ancestral karma, loss of work, medicine, help, neighbor etc. are considered.

The fourth house is of 'happiness'. With this Ancestral property, land, house, village, garden, tree, bond, mother, happiness, friend, vehicle, money etc. are considered.

The fifth house is called Sut. With this the son, pregnancy status, policy, intellect, learning, discretion, paternal nature, virtue are considered.

The sixth house is of “Ripu”. In this, Enemies, diseases, worries, sorrows, uncles, thieves, addictions, obstacles, doubts etc. are considered in this.

The seventh house is the house of Jaya (wife) or husband. With this the idea of woman or husband, marriage, cupid, debate, travel, death, purchase and sale, grandfather (grandfather) is given.

Eighth house is of age. From this house Age, death, cause of death, death, anus and secrets, war, theft, disease, disrespect, debt, hard work etc. are considered from this house.

"The ninth house is that of religion - from this house the idea of luck, devotion, guru, sin, virtue, social fame, charity, brother-in-law, travel is given.

The Tenth house is of Karma. From this house the thoughts of karma (livelihood), command, agriculture, father, high position, royal relationship, sleep, character, lineage, renunciation, migration, rain etc.

The eleventh house is of profit. From this place, the idea of wealth, thigh, right leg, childlessness, daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, education, eldest brother etc. has been considered.

The twelfth house is called the expenditure house. From this, the thoughts of money, loss, debt, long-distance, punishment, misfortune, eyes, feet, father's brother, disputes, agricultural work, downfall etc.

Branches of result statement in astrology

1. Parasharmat - This is a well-known and very popular method of utterance of results in astrology; Maharishi Parashar is the main originator of this principle.

2. Jaiminimat - Jaimini was also the originator of astrology. Maharishi Jaimini has also propounded the principles of Faladesh.

3. Keralam at This method is called Numerology in the present language. In this, there is a method to tell the resultby making a body of the number of letters of the birthday or birth name.

4. Bhrigu Samhita - Maharishi Bhrigu is the originator of this principle in astrology. That is why it is called Bhrigu Samhita. In this a total of 1800 horoscopes and their results are written.

5. Prashna Shastra - In this scripture, the date of birth and the time of birth are required for predictions.

gochar paddhati - In this mode of astrology, according to the present position of the planetary constellation, the results are declared.

Ashtak Varga - In this, not only the position of the Moon and the present planets are seen at the time of birth, but a comparative study of the position of the present planets is done with the position of the planets at the time of birth.

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Kundali Overview

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