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What and How about Mantra Jap (Mantra-Chant)

Just as bathing is necessary for the external purification of the body, for the purification of the soul, it is necessary to do daily rituals like Sandhya vandana. After Sandhya Vandan, chanting method of mantras have been rendered in Sanskrit Vedic hymns and devotional poems to get extra positive energy, increase of self-power and supernatural energy for the destruction of fear, grief of mourning mind. Mantras are tied in beej letters and verses. With the continuous chanting of these mantras, the work that is imposssible, can be converted into possible. The positive energy generated by chanting leads to the fulfillment of aspirations and destruction of evil.

Sayana, the poet of the Vedas, is of the opinion that –

“इष्टप्राप्ति- अनिष्टपरिहारयोरलौकिकमुपायं वेदयति स वेद:”

I.e., The attainment of goodness and the destruction of evil (inauspicious) is the aim of the Veda Mantras.


Definition and Types of Mantras

The meaning of the word Mantra is “मननात् मन्त्रः”. Manana means the repetition or meditation of a mantra through the senses of the mind. In this way, this definition of mantra has been proved that the group of words which is recited frequent is called mantra. There are many types of mantras Vedic, Tantrik etc.


Mantra chanting method

Every human being is eligible for the benefits of mantras, but not everyone is eligible to chant it. The eligibility of chanting the mantra has been decided according to the scriptures. There is energy like atomic energy in chanting mantras.

Due to the systematic chanting of mantras, it is possible to spread the energy of positivity like atomic energy, and it is also possible to spread negative energy by chanting improperly and incorrectly. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules of Dharmashastra for chanting. According to the Dharmasastra, for the chanting and rituals of Vedic Mantras, the Brahmin who performs the Trikal Sandhya Vandana and studies the branches of the Vedas from the Gurmukh is the only authority. But entire human community are also entitled to the results.


Types of Mantra Chanting

There are three types of chanting from the point of view of reciting mantras in the Dharmasastra scriptures. 

1.] Japyagya

2.] Upaanshu

3.] Maanas



Chanting a mantra in such a way that other person can also hear it is called normal chanting.


In Upanshu chanting, even the nearest person does not able to hear the mantra.


In Manas Japa, the chanting of the mantra is done in the mind itself.


Specificity of the result

There is a difference in the quality of the result of the above three types of chanting. Upanshu chanting is hundred times more fruitful than normal chanting, and chanting Manas gives a thousand times more results than even Upanshu. Manas chanting is considered the best.

Maharishi Manu has said that –

” विधियज्ञाज्जपयज्ञो विशिष्टो दशभिर्गुणैः ।

उपांशु स्याच्छतगुणः साहस्त्रो मानसः स्मृतः ॥ “

The result of chanting according to the place – Chanting in one’s abode is said to be fruitful, one hundred times the result of chanting in Goshta (cow’s bondage place). Chanting in a virtuous pilgrimage is thousand times the result, chanting on the banks of the river brings millions of times the result, chanting in temple koti times result and by chanting in front of Shiva, eternal effect is said to be attained. There is classical evidence about the attainment after effect of chanting.


 गृहे चैकगुणः प्रोक्तो गोष्ठे शतगुण स्मृतः।

पुण्यारण्ये तथा तीर्थे सहस्त्रगुणमुच्यते ॥ 

अयुतं पर्वते पुण्यं नद्यां लक्ष गुणो जपः । 

कोटिर्देवालये प्राप्ते अनन्तं शिवसन्निधौ ॥



In the above-mentioned way, a wise person should make life efficient and happy by removing problems & evils and producing positive energy with the help of continuously chanting according to the methodical and classical tradition of chanting mantras. Certainly, chanting the mantra is an important and supernatural project and classical remedy for life change.


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