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Auspicious Muhurat for Special Occasion

In Indian culture, to start every work, the auspicious time has been decided on the basis of the current position of the planetary constellations. With the feeling that if you start the work at an auspicious time, the result of the work will be favorable. Often all the auspicious work of life like, marriage ceremony, yagyopaveet rites, grah shanti, grah-pravesh, Shodash rites etc. are considered in the auspicious time. In all the Muhurtas, the position of the constellations and auspicious yogas, the position of the antardasha and the transit of the present planets are given. For example, the Nakshatra prescribed in marriage and the value of Abhijit,

निर्वेधै: शशिकरमूलमैत्रपित्रय
ब्राह्‍मान्त्योत्तरपवनैः शुभो विवाह: ।
रिक्ताऽमारहिततिथौ शुभेऽह्नि वैश्व
प्रान्त्यांघ्रिः श्रुतितिथिभागतोऽभिजित्स्यात् ।।

Panchasalaka devoid of vedh (marriage nakshatra if it is in vedha from any other cruel etc. planet, then marriage should not be done in that nakshatra), Mrigashira, Hasta, Mool Anuradha, Magha, Rohini, Revati, Uttara and Swati, in these 11 constellations, except Rikta (04/9/14) and Amavasya, it is auspicious to marry on other dates and days.

For the prevention of past and future impurities of human life and for his outstanding personality, arrangements have been made in Indian culture for rituals. Generally, these rites are considered to be sixteen.

Among the Rites, the first sanskar is the conception and the sixteenth sanskar is the funeral rite, which is performed after the death.

The purpose of rites is human development, purity, development of morality, personality formation, destruction of invisible obstacles and inauspicious forces and material prosperity.
In the Muhurtachintamani, about Jatkarma and Naamkaran muhurat on the birth of the person has been said that:

तज्जातकर्मादि शिशोर्विधेयं पर्वाख्य रिक्तोनतिथौ शुभेऽह्नि ।
एकादशे द्वादशकेऽपि घस्त्रे मृदुध्रुवक्षिप्रचरोडुषु स्यात् ॥

Muhurta Requirement

Muhurta is closely related to folk behavior. The analysis of many places proves that they are going on from time immemorial. At present, marriage ceremonies do not take place without muhurta. Grah aarambh & pravesh, sowing, harvesting, medicines, etc., are also not done without muhurta. Humans also do many other practical tasks according to the Muhurta. Not only the Vedic righteous, Lingayats and Jains also ask for Muhurta at every step. After we have a little astrology knowledge, there is a possibility of its gradual increase and one of the main reasons for its scientific existence till date is the need of Muhurta.

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