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Vedic Astrologer
Brief info

Mr. Ratan Sharma is a Vedic Astrologer. He is a resident of Sambhar-Lake Jaipur. He completed his post-graduation from Rajasthan University.

He started learning astrology from his father Trilok Nath Sharma in the year 1998. His father was a great Vedic astrologer, who with the help of his immense knowledge helped his clients.

He has been serving the society since last 25 years by using a mix of modern and traditional astrological tools which helps him in providing accurate results to all his clients.

Apart from Vedic astrology consultation, he has mastered the field of Vedic rituals, Muhurta, Puja-ritual, marriage etc.

He believes in keeping things simple and guiding people in a simple way. Prediction is done using divisional chart and ashtakvarga etc. Also, the constellation placements of your planets.