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Horoscope Study by Expert

Astrology is a very important and special part of life science, which is capable of throwing light on the subtlest matter or event of human life. The birth chart of a person is like a mirror, in which the planets located indicate the future on the basis of the deeds done in the previous birth.
At the time of birth, the planets who have the predominance, impact person’s qualities & nature.

It is said in the scriptures -

एते ग्रहा बलिष्ठा: प्रसूतिकाले नृणां स्वमूर्तिसमम् ।
कुर्युर्देहं नियतं बहवश्च समागता मिश्रम् ॥

1. At the time of studying the horoscope, the Lagna has the most important place, so it is necessary to study the Lagna, the position and nature of the lagna and the lagna sign thoroughly. Along with the birth ascendant, it is also appropriate to consider the Moon Ascendant.

2. Consideration of the position of planets, conjunction vision, qualities-defects, natural interrelationships, etc. and study of the effects of karaka, a-karaka and neutral planets

3. Discussion of each house, bhavadhipati and karaka planet. The idea of “center and triangle relations”.

4. Effect of Dasha and Antar-Dasha.

5. Study of various Yog.

6. Special study of houses, planets and zodiac signs from the point of view of education and business.

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